What is Church Tech Hacks?

Church Tech Hacks is the website I wish I had, and the answer I wish I could give.

What exactly do I mean by that?

Well, as a volunteer tech director at a church, and the guy who runs LearnStageLighting.com, I know that there is a need and a hunger out there for good, solid information for the DIY, cash-strapped volunteer tech guy.

And when I see posts on Facebook groups and forums, asking the same question that’s been asked many times before, I want to help.  So, this is my place to do it.

Here at Church Tech Hacks, I want to create a place where I can share projects I’ve done at my church, and inspire you to do the same.  I’ll also welcome your submissions to the site as well, so we can truly make a full DIY library of the little things that make AV special.

So the next time you see someone ask “How can I setup a TV or speaker in the nursing mothers room that is across the building”, you can come to one place and find an answer.

This is going to be a “spare-time” project for me, so don’t expect a large volume of articles overnight!  But when I do post, I will make sure it is worth your time, in detail, and complete.

Thanks for reading – and for serving in your church!

-David Henry

About the Author David Henry

David has been involved with church AV and networks since around 2003. He's played a variety of roles in church tech, from Intern to Audio and Lighting Lead, and also is a Professional Lighting Designer and Lighting Teacher. But don't let those fancy terms scare you, he's really a nice guy, and wants to help you!

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